Meet the Team


Terrance is everyone’s favourite workout buddy. He’s recognized everywhere he trains for his genuine interest, encouraging words, and big personality, yet the most humble guy you’ll ever meet! He really just loves people!! We can literally put Terrance in a room full of 50 strangers, and no kidding, within 10 minutes he will have been invited to 45 family reunions, 12 family vacations, and a kindergarten graduation. He’s THAT GUY!! He’s received athletic scholarships, coached Canadian Junior Football, played on the Windsor Warlock Lacrosse Team, and been to pro football camps in Montreal, Toronto and Florida. His strength and conditioning classes are a great way to help get you in shape – with a few laughs along the way in true Terrance style! *


Kaitlin is a sweetheart with a punch! She represents the statement “strong is the new skinny.” She’s all about being fearless and true to yourself.  Kaitlin wants you to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of and will make it her personal mission to try to get you there.  This little ball of fire will work hard with you, with goal to getting you those results!* She’s a certified fitness instructor specializing in high energy cardio classes like spin, power circuits, interval training, and boot camps. You’ll love Kaitlin. We sure do!


Bett is an original Yogi. She loves the Namaste way of life. But don’t let all the peace and calming fool you – Bett is a strong and fearless instructor too! (She is a red head after all!). Bett has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share with you.  She is certified and experienced in yoga, guided meditation, and fitness for older adults just to name a few.  She also has specialized training in myofascial release, injury management and rehabilitation. Get your yoga mat and follow her as she guides you through the graceful essence that is Yoga.


Allison is petite, but she can walk into any Pilates studio and instantly it becomes hers, along with everybody in it! She’s a confident and commanding instructor who often reminds us of Hammy on Over the Hedge.  The general consensus around the gym is that even light has a bit of trouble keeping up with this one!  Don’t worry if you’re still breathing in-in-in while she’s already breathing out-out-out! Her Pilates and barre classes can lift, tone, flatten, and reshape your body faster than Hammy on pop!*