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Why Fitness For Kids?

OBESITY is becoming oh-so-common in our youth today. Let’s put the FUN back into fitness! Kids have ENERGY that needs to be burned.

Kids are ONLINE so why not put their exercise routine online too? 20 Online Kids are videos that kids can do ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. The videos are SAFE and effective for kids of all ages. And they are absolutely FREE.

Get your kids into Fitness


Classes included in this series


The Last Jump! Kids 20 Minute Workout

Join Allison & Kai as they take you through lots of fun moves! Some include the Soccer Dribble, Ski Hops, Goalie Saves, and go Surfing! Plus, it’s only 20 minutes for those with short attention spans. :)
Moms & Dads can workout to 20 Online too! Get our FREE Trial today!

Plyos with Kai! Kids 20 Minute Workout

Plyos is short for Plyometrics, which are exercises involving repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles. Plyos include any jumping and rebounding exercises. Join Kai as he does 20 minutes of quick feet, side shuffling, and many more moves with Terrance to get the heart rate up. Get those kids off the couch and get them to burn off some steam!

Playful Poses! Kids 20 Minute Workout

You will have 20 minutes of fun with Kai & Allison as they make fun poses. Some poses include Falling Star, Airplane Arms, Frog Pose, and Spider Steps! You can even make the noise of the animal or machine as you do the pose with them!

The Original T Flex! Kids 20 Minute Workout

Get the kids to burn off some energy with Terrance & Kai in this 20 minute T-Flex workout. Moves include: pushups, planks, and crunches!

Hey, Mom!

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Trying to Lose Weight?

Body shaming is all-too-common in today’s media. Kaylee is all about Body Positivity! Her journey is about more than weight loss - It’s about being happy in her skin!

“I love to just move my body. 20 Online helps me do that in a positive atmosphere – my home. The gym is a trigger for me. It’s a place I always used to bash my body. My living room is safe haven away from judging eyes. I can just move my body freely and feel good doing it! It’s a place I can be free physically and mentally. When I first started, I was honestly out of shape. But 20 Online’s Laying the Foundation made me feel like exercise was attainable again. It was easy to get back into fitness.” *

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