We Bring Gym Classes To You.

At 20 Online, we want fitness to  be available to everyone – anytime, anywhere.  Why does it have to be expensive or require a gym to get fit? It doesn’t. That’s why we provide quick and easy 20 minute fitness classes so that you can get in shape on your time and at your pace! We don’t want anything to stop you from getting strong and healthy. Home workouts have never been easier.



Look at our variety of classes…

  • Lay the Foundation for Beginners
  • Strength & Core Conditioning
  • Barre & Pilates
  • Insanity Live
  • Interval Training & Boot Camps
  • Yoga & Stretch classes
  • 20 Online Kids

With more to come!

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Burn calories, break a sweat!

BURN includes classes for Cardio, Interval Training, and Boot Camps. Start burning calories with Kaitlin today!

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Build strength & tone!

BUILD includes 20 minute classes for Strength & Core Conditioning, Insanity, Barre & Pilates. Get started on building muscle with Terrence!

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Breathe into stretch and flexibility.

BREATHE series includes both Yoga and Stretch & Flexibility Classes. Breathe deep and relax with Bett.

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Why choose 20 Online?

  • Affordable.
  • Easy & Convenient – Anytime. Anywhere. Workout at home!
  • Taught to you by Certified Fitness Trainers.
  • 20 minutes per class guaranteed.
  • 80 classes to access, with new classes added weekly!

Laying the foundation.

Just starting on your fitness journey?

Laying the Foundation is a great series of at home workouts that can help you start getting in shape. If exercise is a foreign concept or you’re trying to get back in shape, you can ease into fitness with these classes!

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Coffee Break Stretches.

Coming Soon.

Repetitive, long-term strain on your body at the workplace can really damage your muscles and ligaments. Coffee Break Stretches can help stretch those muscles out. They are only a few minutes long, so you can do them during your coffee break!

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20 online kids.

20 Online Kids.

Get your kids off of the electronic devices and back into fitness. Kids need a way to let all their hyper energy out! Turn to 20 Online Kids to keep them on their feet and having fun!

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Specialty Classes.

For injury, recovery & seniors.

It’s hard to get back to your lifestyle after injury. Getting old isn’t so ‘golden’ either. These specialty classes can help you regain your flexibility!

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